Every company requires hosting service irrespective of their size in order to promote their online business. The website hosting requires to increase the efficiency and speed of working on the website. Individuals or companies look out for the best web host that can support every kind of technology on which the company is working.

A professional hosting service provider is required for the web servers hosting as well. Here are some of the leading or uppermost technologies that web hosts should support. Most of them have become part of the IT companies in the existing times:

Supporting the Softaculous

It is the top-most and one of the best script installer that IT companies uses in the present times. The Softaculous script installer helps in installing the varied web applications in just a single click. It supports almost 431 scripts that include many popular applications such as WordPress and several other types of scripts too. Most of the website hosting service providers may give this script installer free of cost to the companies.

Requirement of SSL Certificate

It is mostly used by the websites when they are allowing any kind of transactions by the users on their websites. The SSL certificate is the Secure Sockets Layer is a kind of protocol that provides end-to-end encryption. The companies obtain it from their servers hosting providers so that the sensitive and personal information shared by the user while transacting remains encrypted and secure. This SSL certificate creates 256 bits strong encrypted connection between the business’s website and the browser of the user.

Support for Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is useful to the person who wants to setup a simple Blog, Shopping Cart, or straightforward website through open-source technologies like PHP, Perl, MySQL database, etc. Furthermore, the security issues may be lesser on the Linux box in comparison to Windows hosting.

Watch out for PHP Scripting Language

PHP has emerged as the most popular scripting language and most of the companies want that the servers hosting organizations should support the latest version of the PHP scripting language. The PHP script runs on the server side and generates the dynamic pages that are usually served to the users. Even the applications like WordPress need the latest version of the PHP to work smoothly so it is advisable to check out with the web host about the PHP support in the basic packages.

Hosting for cPanel

The cPanel is the industrial standard given for Control Panels. The companies should seek for its packages with the website hosting providers. It not only provides easy access to many features but renders advanced customized settings for the servers as well. The cPanel is one of the most popular control panels that works efficiently.

Therefore, it can be seen that the hosting companies should support the major technologies that have become a mandate in the present times to be used by the firms.